Life Group Questions for May 3, 2015

Acts 1:1-8; 2:1-42

What does it mean?

Acts 1:1-8

1. What did Jesus do to prepare the disciples in between His resurrection and ascension?

2. How would you paraphrase the disciples’ question to Jesus (1:6)?  What was Jesus’ answer?

3. What ideas is Jesus trying to convey in His very last words on earth (1:8)?  What significance, if any, is there in these being the last words of Jesus before He ascended?

4. What did Jesus intend the disciples to see as their mission?

Acts 2:1-42

5. What is Pentecost?

6. What happened that first Pentecost?  In other words, how did the Holy Spirit manifest His presence?

7. When they spoke “in tongues”, what were they saying?

8. How would you summarize Peter’s sermon (2:14-36) at Pentecost?

9. What was the result of God’s revealing Himself physically and Peter’s sermon (2:41)?

10. What, according to Luke, seems to be the purpose of the Holy Spirit baptizing, filling these first disciples?  How does their receiving power relate to their mission?

11. How would you describe (theologically) what happened at Pentecost?

How does it apply?

1. Before we examined Pentecost, what was your understanding of what happened?

2. How would you describe your understanding of what being “baptized”, or “filled” with the Holy Spirit is as it is described by Luke in Acts?

3. How does the Holy Spirit’s presence in your life influence your faith?  Your life?

4. When you think about your interest and efforts in sharing Jesus with those who need to meet Him, are you pleased with your consistently conscious and bold expressions, or, are you disappointed that you don’t seem to promote Jesus with as much enthusiasm as you would like?   Can you describe where you are?

5. Do you feel like you are being empowered by the Holy Spirit to bring Jesus’ love to others?  Why or why not?

6. What would encourage your faith?  Your certainty in Christ?  Your desire to more happily and courageously introduce others to Jesus?