Life Group Questions for April 12, 2015

Luke 24:13-35

What does it mean?

1. Two guys are walking with Jesus after the resurrection.  What does it mean that their eyes were kept from recognizing Him”?  Why were they kept from recognizing Jesus?

2. Jesus asks them what they are talking about.  What is their response?

3. They had hoped that Jesus was “the one to redeem Israel.”  What kind of redemption were they looking for?

4. The two had heard that the women had reported the tomb was empty, why didn’t they believe Jesus had risen?

5. Jesus chews the two out for not believing He had risen.  Why should they have known according to Jesus?

6. Why did the men ask Jesus to stay with them?

7. What happened at dinner that opened their eyes to recognize Jesus?

8. How did they feel while Jesus was teaching them about Scripture before they recognized Him?  Why does Luke reveal that here?

9. Why did they go back to Jerusalem?

10. What did they find when they got back to Jerusalem?

11. Why do you think Luke places this story immediately after the resurrection?

 How does it apply?

1. These two guys had some misconceptions about Jesus that prevented them from recognizing Jesus.  In your journey of faith, did you have some misconceptions that needed to be corrected?  What were they?

2. What questions did you needed answered before you treasured Jesus?

3. What were the steps in your faith journey that brought you to trust Him?

4. Are there questions you still have that prevent you from treasuring Jesus more fully?  What are they?

5. Are you still ever disappointed with Jesus?  Why?  What do you do with your disappointment?

6. How did you feel when you first came to grasp the reality of Jesus’ death and resurrection?

7. When you read about, or think back on Jesus’ death and resurrection, what feelings do you experience now?