Life Group Questions for Sept. 13, 2015

Hebrews 1:1-4

 What does it mean?

1. Who is the author of Hebrews?

2. To whom is Hebrews written?  (Be as precise as you can)

3. How did God speak long ago?

4. What did God speak about long ago?

5. In what sense were these the “last days” in which the author wrote?

6. In these “last days” God has spoken through his Son, and then he goes on to describe him.  What does the author mean by…

a. “heir of all things”?

b. “he created the world”?

c. “the radiance of the glory of God”?

d. “the exact imprint of his nature”?

e. “he upholds the universe by his word”?

f. “making purifications for sin”?

g. “sat down at the right hand of Majesty”?

h. “having become superior to angels”?

7. How would you summarize what the author is trying to convey by this long list of descriptions of the Son?

8. The author seems to be comparing and contrasting the way God spoke through the prophets with his speaking though His Son.  How is God’s speaking though the prophets different form His speaking though His Son?

9. What is the author’s big idea in this paragraph?

How does it apply?

1. Do you think the author wants us to read the Old Testament, the prophets?

2. How did you first “hear” Jesus speak?

3. When you first “heard” Jesus, what did He say?

4. How do you listen to Jesus now?

5. What has been Jesus been saying to you lately?

6. What would motivate you to listen to Jesus more often?

7. What might help you hear Jesus more clearly?


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