Life Group Questions for October 9, 2016

HEBREWS 12:1-3

1. How would you summarize 11:32-40?

2. Explain how the therefore relates to, and transitions from, chapter 11?

3. Who is the author referring to by saying “this great cloud of witnesses”? Who are they and what are they witnessing? Are they witnessing us run the race?

4. Is the author making a distinction between a weight and sin?

5. What is the race that we are in? In what way are we encouraged to run?  What does it mean that this race is “set before us?”

6. What was the finish line that motivated Jesus and allowed Him to endure the race that was set before Him?

7. In what sense was the cross a cause for shame? In what sense did Jesus despise it? Explain.

8. What does the author mean by saying Jesus is the founder of our faith? The perfecter of our faith?

9. How would you paraphrase the big idea of 12:1-3?


1. What do you think it means to lay aside the weight of sin that clings to us? What image does that language create in your mind?

2. What kinds of sin tend to captivate our culture today?

3. What sins keep us from running the race?

4. What can we do to remove those weights that slow us down in living out our faith?

5. How do we find encouragement in the great cloud of witnesses and what are ways we look to encourage us in this race?

6. How do we let those other runners know the weights in our life in order to help us run faster?   Is that uncomfortable?  How can we lean in to that discomfort?

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