Life Group Questions for October 16th

HEBREWS 12:3-11

1. How would you summarize 12:1-3?

2. What is the struggle against sin the author is referring to? 

3. How does “our struggle against sin” relate to the “point of the shedding of blood”?

4. What is the author communicating by saying, “do not grow weary or faint hearted”?

5. What have the readers potentially forgotten?

6. How is the author using the word ‘discipline’? Does the author make discipline differ from punishment?  Explain.

7. What comparison is used to illustrate the idea of God’s tool to draw us to himself? If a child was not disciplined, what would that indicate? What is the point?

8. What is the author’s intent in saying “all discipline seems painful for a moment”? Does this author limit it to only seeing God’s hand after the circumstances have concluded? Explain.

9. What is the ‘peaceful fruit of righteousness’?

10. What does “those who are trained by it” mean? 

11. How would you paraphrase the big idea of 12:3-11?


1. How is discipline generally viewed in our culture?

2. After reading the text, how would you define ‘discipline’?  Has it changed? Grown? Been reminded?

3. What are the ways we may “regard lightly” the tool God uses to draw us to himself?

4. What have been some difficult circumstances in your life?

5. In what ways have you struggled to believe that God uses difficult circumstances for our good in order to draw us to himself?

6. How could you respond to difficult circumstances in order that you might be trained by it?

7. How does 'considering Jesus' give you greater trust that God is using difficult circumstances to draw you to Himself?

8. If someone has gone, or is going through, difficult circumstances in their life and now doubts God’s love or has forgotten this tool God uses, how would you encourage, exhort, counsel them? How would you counsel yourself?


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