Life Group Questions for Nov. 6, 2016

Hebrews 12:25-29
What does it mean?

1. How would you summarize 12:18-24?

2. Who is the “him” that is speaking in v25?

3. What is the scenario that is being juxtaposed in v.25 between those warned on earth and warned from heaven? Who was being refused and who is doing the warning?

4. What are the things which can be shaken and what will happen to them? What are the things which cannot be shaken?

5. In what way will the future shaking be greater?

6. For what are we to be grateful?

7. What does the author mean by saying “Let us offer acceptable worship”?

8. How does reverence and awe relate to acceptable worship?

9. How is this awareness that “our God is a consuming fire” different from the blazing fire of Sinai (12:18) and the terror Moses felt (12:21)?

10. How would you paraphrase the big idea of 12:25-29?


How does it apply?

1. What reason is given that we should listen to God?  In what ways do people refuse God’s voice today?

2. How do you evaluate whether your life is invested in shakeable or unshakeable things? Explain.

3. Are we to enjoy God as the consuming fire or endure God as a consuming fire?  Explain.

4. What does it look like in our lives to enjoy God as the consuming fire?

5. What does gratefulness look like for God’s promises and His unshakable kingdom in our lives?

6. What does it look like to for us to offer acceptable worship to God?

7. How do we encourage and challenge each other to live lives that enjoy God as the consuming fire?


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