Life Group Questions for April 10, 2016

Hebrews 10:19-25
What does it mean?

  1. How would you summarize the big idea of 10:1-18?
  2. What’s the author referencing with the “Therefore”?
  3. How did we acquire access to “enter the holy places”?
  4. What’s the relevance of our having a “great high priest over the house of God”?
  5. What does it mean to “draw near with a true heart”?
  6. What is “full assurance of faith”?  How does one get that?
  7. What is the “confession of our hope”?  How do we “hold fast” to it?
  8. What are the loving and good works we are to “stir” one another up to do?
  9. Why are we to “not” neglect meeting together?
  10. Why is it important to the author that followers of Jesus meet together?
  11. What impact is the “Day drawing near” to have on us?
  12. How would you paraphrase the big idea of 10:19-25?

How does it apply?

  1. When you think about the truth that Jesus paid it all, that the gospel is Jesus + ____________, where do your thoughts go?  What do you feel?
  2. Why did you first start going to church, participate in church family life?
  3. Why do you continue to participate in church family life?  (Be candid)
  4. Has your participation in life group encouraged you?  Stirred you to love and good works?   Explain.
  5. What could your life group do that would encourage you more?
  6. What might you do to encourage others to participate in life groups?

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