Life Group Questions for May 22, 2016

Hebrews 11:4-7; Genesis 6-8

 What does it mean?

       1. What has the author told us about Abel?  Enoch?

2. What are the two essential elements of faith (11:6)?

3. What is “reverent fear”?  How does it relate to Noah’s faith?  What was he afraid of?

4. In what sense did Noah “condemn” the world?

5. What does it mean to be an “heir of righteousness”?    How did Noah become an heir?

(Read Genesis chapters 6-8)

6. What strikes you about Moses’ account (Moses is the author of Genesis) of Noah and the flood?

7. What big ideas flow through these 3 chapters?

8. What do you think Moses hoped we as the readers would take away from his account of Noah?

9. What reward was Noah looking forward to?

How does it apply? 

1. What about Noah most encourages your faith?

2. Has your faith led you to make decisions (like build a boat in the desert) that didn’t make sense to others?

3. Are you comfortable looking for reward from God?

4. Does your faith motivate you to look for reward from God?  Explain.

5. What reward would you like to receive from God?

6. Are there circumstances from which you would like to be delivered?

7. Are there times when you doubt God’s commitment to deliver you?  Explain.

8. Have there been times when God has delivered you?  What happened?

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