Life Group Questions for Sept. 11, 2016

Hebrews 11:13-16

 What does it mean?

  1. How would you summarize 11:1?

  2. How would you summarize 11:1-12?

  3. What’s the relevance of these illustrations of faith dying before they received the things promised?

  4. What’s the significance that these faithful folks “acknowledged that they were strangers and aliens”?  In what sense were they strangers and aliens?

  5. How did they “speak” that made it clear they were seeking a homeland?  How did they give evidence that they considered themselves strangers and aliens?

  6. Why were they not thinking about the land they had left?

  7. What “better country” were these illustrations of faith desiring?

  8. Why is God not ashamed to be called their God?  Be precise.

  9. Why does the author conclude this paragraph by saying that God, has in fact, prepared “for them a city”?

  10. How would you paraphrase the big idea of 11:13-16?

 How does it apply?

  1. When you think about heaven, where do your thoughts go?

  2. When you think about heaven, how do you feel?

  3. Who have you known that unmistakably demonstrated they were looking forward to heaven?  How did they display their hope that the best is yet to come?

  4. Do you find yourself being tempted to find more comfort and security in this life than you would like?  Explain.

  5. Are others, family, friends and work associates able to see from your life that you are convinced the best is yet to come?

  6. In the past, what has helped you gain more confidence in the reality of heaven?

  7. What do you think you could do to help you, in the best sense, become more of an alien now, because you are more joyfully anticipating being home with Jesus?

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