Life Group Questions for 1-22-17


2 Peter 1:3-4
What does it mean?

1. How would you describe the connection between 1 Peter and 2 Peter?

2. Who is the “His” in 2 Peter 1:3?

3. What does Peter mean when he refers to God’s divine power?

4. What are the “things that pertain to life and godliness”?  What does “knowledge” have to do with this promise?

5. What does Peter mean by “his own glory and excellence”?  Is the text emphasizing our being called to that glory and excellence now or in eternity?

6. What are the precious and great promises referred to in v4?

7. What does it mean to “become partakers of the divine nature”?  And how does the author say this happens?

8. How is the author using the idea of escaping “the corruption that is in the world”? When does this take place in the life of the readers?

9. How would you paraphrase 2 Peter1:3-4?

How does it apply?

1. Would you say that you have everything you need to live a godly life? Explain. What are those things?

2. Peter seems to emphasize a relationship between knowledge and godliness. What role does knowledge play in our ongoing spiritual transformation?

3. What is the connection between God’s promises and their work in producing more spiritual transformation in our lives?

4. How would you explain the reasons behind God choosing to give us these precious promises?

5. Reflect on those precious promises of God.  What do you think and feel when you hear that you are: Chosen by God, Brought to faith by God, Forgiven by God, Sustained by God, Protected by God, and Glorified by God?

6. How do those promises battle the sinful desires that still exist in us?

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