Discussion Questions for October 29, 2017

Sola Scriptura

1. REVIEW: What has stood out to you from Philippians thus     far?

2. As you understand it now, what was the Reformation and what made it so significant in 1517?

3. Why do you think the doctrine of ‘Scripture Alone’ is still important today? Can the Bible be trusted? Explain.

4. What kinds of thoughts and feelings flow from believing that Scripture can be trusted and is the supreme authority for your life?

5. How does the supreme authority of Scripture practically get expressed in your life?

6. Read II Timothy 3:16. As expressed by Paul, what is Scripture useful for?

7. Are there ways you struggle to view Scripture as the authority for your life?  Explain.  In what ways can we lose the centrality of Scripture alone? What are the things in your life that compete with Scripture to be an equal or greater source of authority?

8. At RCC, we talk about being Biblically Saturated.  How do those ideas go together (Scripture Alone and Biblically Saturated)?  What does it mean for how we pursue God corporately?  What does it mean for how we pursue Him individually?