Discussion Questions for November 19, 2017

Discussion Questions
hilippians 2:19-30
Be Humble Like Timothy and Epaphrodictus

What does the text say?

1.     How would you summarize the big ideas of Philippians thus far?

2.     Why did Paul plan to send Timothy to the Philippians?

3.     In Paul’s view, why did Timothy stand out? Explain.

4.     How would you expand on the metaphor of a father/son relationship?  What characteristics about Timothy is Paul trying to expand on?

5.     How does Timothy’s characteristics speak to the ideas in Philippians thus far?

6.     Who was Epaphroditus? How would you paraphrase his core characteristics?

7.     In what way would Paul experience less anxiousness?  Does this contradict Paul’s earlier statement of “to live is Christ to die is gain”?  Explain. 

8.     Paraphrase the big idea of Philippians 2:19-30.


How does it apply?

1.     Who are those in your life that take a “genuine interesting the welfare of others”? How have you observed that in their life?

2.     In what ways have you seen people take an interest in others that is not genuinely looking to serve the interests of others?

3.     What are some practical ways we can show others that we have a genuine interest for them?

4.     What can we do as a group that could help show our communities that we have a genuine interest for them? Write them down, pray through them and possibly implement them in the next few weeks.