Life Group Questions for Feb. 19, 2017

2 Peter 1:16-21
What does it mean?

1. Summarize 2 Peter 1:12-15?

2. What is Peter trying to communicate by referencing ‘cleverly devised myths’?

3. To what was Peter an eyewitness?  What difference would it make to those reading Peter that his teachings come from being an eyewitness?

4. What does Peter mean when he writes “we made known to you the power and coming” of Jesus? 

5. What event is being referred to in 2 Peter 1:17-18? How does this story support that he is not following cleverly devised myths regarding Jesus?

6. What is the ‘Majestic Glory’?  What did the voice say?  What else is communicated by a voice from heaven?

7. How is the prophetic word “more fully confirmed”?

8. How are the words of the prophets like a “lamp shining in the dark places”?

9. What is the “morning star”?  And what does it mean that it ‘rises in our hearts’?

10. How is Peter using prophesy to validate his point? Why does he say the scriptures reliable?

11. In 1:19, what did Peter tell his readers that they should do?  How would they do that?

12. How would you paraphrase 1:16-21?

How does it apply?

1. Is it important to you that your faith is grounded in objective, historical truth?  What is the relationship, then, of objective truth and faith?

2. Why is it vital that we believe, and look forward to, the second coming of Christ? What would be the implications if He were not coming again?

3. How have you grown in your understanding of scripture?  How can you continue to grow?

4. Have you ever had to defend your view of scripture to a critic?  What did you say?  If not, what might you say? What might be your response to someone who says the 2nd coming isn’t true?

5. If the 2nd coming is true, what feelings would be appropriate to accompany that truth?  What feelings do you experience when you think about the reality of Christ’s return?

6. If the 2nd coming of Jesus is true, what behaviors would be appropriate to accompany that truth?   How do you live differently because Jesus is coming back?

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