Life Group Questions for March 12, 2017

2 Peter 2:17-22
What does it mean?

1. How would you summarize 2 Peter 2:10-16b?

2. What does Peter mean when he writes “waterless springs” and “mists driven by a storm”?

3. Peter uses the phrase, ‘barely escaping’.  Who are barely escaping? Who is Peter saying are the most susceptible to the words of false teachers?

4. How is Peter linking the ideas of the promise of freedom and slavery?

5. What is Peter communicating in v. 20 by the phrase, “they are again entangled in them and overcome”?

6. What does Peter mean “it would have been better for them never to have known the way of righteousness”? What judgment is prophesied for these false teachers?

7. How would you interpret the proverb Peter uses in v22 when comparing those who have turned their backs to Christ? Do the false teachers believe this proverb to be true for them?  Explain.

8. How would you put 2 Peter 2:17-22 in your own words?

How does it apply?

1. Revisit the idea of what the ‘false teachers’ of today are teaching?  On what basis do they move away from the Scriptures? 

2. How can you protect yourself from the influence of false teachers?

3. What cautions can you put in your life to keep from becoming a false teacher yourself?

4. How do you define freedom vs slavery?

5. Can you remember a time when you became unknowingly enslaved to something? A time when you were promised freedom but found yourself enslaved? Explain.

6. What sorts of desires can we become enslaved to in our culture?

7. What would true freedom look like if we entered into it as an individual?  As a community?  How can we more fully step into that picture of freedom?

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