Life Group Questions for April 23, 2017

Genesis 1:1-31

What does it mean?

1. How would you paraphrase 1:1?

2. What does Moses intend to communicate through the language “heavens and earth”?

3. How would you paraphrase 1:2?

4. Where did the waters Moses describe come from? Hint: what does Moses tell us in v 1?

5. What big themes do you think Moses is trying to convey in his description of what God does in the 6 days?

6. When God declares things “good”, in what sense does Moses want us to understand that they are “good”?

7. How is the description of human beings different from the other creation and creatures?

How does it apply?

1. How do you “feel” about Genesis 1?  Be candid.

2. How did you arrive at your understanding of Genesis 1?  Personal reading?  Explanation of others?

3. What questions do you have about Genesis 1?

4. If we get the big idea(s) of Genesis 1, how do you think the author hoped it would impact our faith?

5. How does your understanding of Genesis 1 impact your day to day walk with Jesus?

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