Life Group Questions for May 14, 2017

Genesis 3:14-15

What does it mean?

1. What is the big idea of Genesis 1? Genesis 2? Genesis 3?

2. Who has Moses indicated the serpent to be? Explain 

3. Who is God cursing in v14 and how should we understand its implications?

4. What does the term “enmity” mean?

5. Between what parties is there enmity, as suggested in this text?

6. Who is ultimately responsible for the hostility between the offspring of the Serpent and the offspring of Eve?

7. Who is the woman’s seed? Is this physical or spiritual descendants or both?

8. What does Moses indicate in this passage about Eve’s seed?  What impact would he had hoped this would have on his readers?

9. How would you paraphrase Genesis 3:14-15?

How does it apply?

1. If we read Genesis 3:15 as a preview of the Jesus coming into the world as one of us, planned even before the foundation of the world, what confidence and trust can we have in the sovereign plan of God in our everyday circumstances?

2. Do you see Satan as a real enemy? In what way can we see the resemblance in the lie told to Eve, and his ever-tempting adversary, continuously tempting us to not trust God?

3. How do we react given the conflict between the serpent’s seed and the women’s seed?  How do we respond to the brokenness around us?


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