Life Group Questions for May 21, 2017

Read Genesis chapters 6-9

What does it mean?

1. How would you summarize Genesis 1?  Genesis 2? Genesis 3?

2. Does 6:1-7 seem to be wrapping up previous chapters or introducing what’s to follow?  Explain.

3. How would you describe Moses summary of the culture that exists in Genesis 6? Explain the problem and the consequences.

4. Who are “the sons of God” and “the daughters of man” and why is their behavior characterized as sinful?

5. What does Moses share with his readers about God’s view of sin?  What does the text mean when it says God’s heart was grieved? 

6. How does the description of Noah and his sons differ from the descriptions of those around them and why is it important?

7. How does Noah demonstrate his walking with God? What is Moses communicating through the depth of specific instructions God gave to Noah?

8. Why is Moses so specific concerning the length of time for each event in the flood?

9. Do you think that the fact that God shut the door has any importance?  And opened it? Explain. Why did God promise never again to cut off all flesh or destroy the earth by flood?

10. How do you articulate the big idea God was illustrating to Noah?

How does it apply?

1. As you reflect on the culture around us, do you have a growing discontent for the sin that exists in our personal lives?  Around us?  How do we echo God’s stance without executing judgment? 

2. How do you practice a life that seeks to trust God in the small stuff?  If we trust God for eternity, is there disconnect between the way we trust Him in our relationships, marriage, in our kids, in our career moves?  Explain.

3. What is that area of anxiety that keeps you up at night?  What does it look like to reflect patience in His timing that differs from simple passivity?  How can you trust and obey like Noah in the midst of that issue?  How can we more readily reflect joy in His plan?

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