Life Group Questions for May 28, 2017

Genesis 12

What does it mean?

1. What was the big idea from Genesis chapters 6 to 9: the story of Noah and the flood?

2. Now in chapter 12:1-3, what was the essence of God’s call to Abram?

3. Describe the agreement that God is making with Abram - Who is included in it? Who is not included?  What are the terms of the agreement? What are the promises?

4. Why was Abram an unlikely candidate to be the father of a nation? What is the payoff for God in choosing such a seemingly ill-equipped patriarch?     

5. How would you summarize Abram’s response in vs. 4-9?

6. How did God test Abram? Beginning in v.10? Did he pass?

7. Describe Abram’s failure?  What was its core?

8. Give your own summary heading to each section – vs.1-9, and vs.10-20

How does it apply?

1. Have you ever felt like an unlikely candidate to be used by God?  Explain.  

2. Which part of Abram’s story is most encouraging to you? 

3. If we see this pattern of God’s choosing unlikely ambassadors as culminating in the Church – does it change the way we see the Church?  Or the way we see holiness?  Or the way you see God?

4. Abram went.  His faith was proven by his going.  What is God asking of us?  To whom is He calling us to go?  Are we going? 

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