Life Group Questions for May 7, 2017

Genesis 3:1-24

What does it mean?

1. How would you summarize Genesis 1? How would you summarize Genesis 2?

2. Why do you think Moses starts Chapter 3 so abruptly?

3. How would you summarize Genesis 3:1-5? 

4. Describe the process of Eve’s temptation.  What are the key factors according to Moses? 

5. When exactly does Eve sin?  How does she sin? 

6. What did Adam and Eve become aware of immediately when their eyes were opened?

7. How would you summarize the next section—Genesis 3:7-13?

8. Does God know what had happened?  If so, what is the purpose of His questions?

9. What was Adam and Eve’s response to God’s question as to why they ate?  Anything you see that’s missing?

10. How would you summarize Genesis 3:14-24?

11. What was the result of sin? For the serpent? For Eve? For Adam?

12. Why did God make Adam and Eve leave the garden?

13. How would you describe the big idea of Genesis 3?

How does it apply?

1. Where do you most clearly see the brokenness of the fall?  On the news, in yourself, in your family, in other relationships, at work…?

2. The serpent uses half-truths to tempt Eve.  How does Satan use half-truths today to tempt us away from trusting God?  What are some examples?

3. Pick some overt sins and trace them back to how they begin as a lack of trust in God’s provision. (stealing, lying, adultery, murder, gossip…)

4. Where are you tempted to believe that God’s provision for you is not best?

5. Finish this sentence: The more clearly I see the brokenness (in me and around me), the more I will...

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