Life Group Questions for June 18, 2017

What does it mean?

Genesis 3:14-15

1.     Who is the woman’s seed? Is this physical or spiritual descendants or both?

2.    What does Moses indicate in this passage about Eve’s seed?  What impact would he had hoped this would have on his readers?

Micah 5

1. What is the promise in v. 2?

2. What is the context in which the "ruler" is going to be
arriving in (v.1)?

3. How does Micah contrast Bethlehem with the ruler (v.2)?

4. What is the purpose of the ruler (v.3)?

2 Samuel 7

1. What does God promise to David?

2. In what sense is there an immediate fulfillment to God's promises and in what sense is there a future fulfillment?

3. In what sense has the promise of v. 16 been fulfilled and continues to be fulfilled today?

Psalm 2

1. Who is Psalm 2 talking about? Particularly v. 7-9

2. What is the big idea of Psalm 2? What is being promised?

3. How is the reign of the Lord's anointed characterized?

How does it apply?

1. How do these passages help us see a greater unity in Scripture?

2. What do these texts show us about who God is?

3. How does seeing prophecies fulfilled in Jesus increase our faith?

4. How does the truth of the marvelous, unfolding plan of God cause you to celebrate and be in awe of God this week?

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