Discussion Questions for June 4, 2017

Exodus 2:23-3:22.  Exodus 12:1-51.

What does it mean?

1. How would you summarize the big ideas thus far seen in Genesis 1,2,3 and 12?

2. In Exodus 2, why does the text mention that the king of Egypt died?

3. In Exodus 2:23-25, why do you think God’s covenant is mentioned at this point in the narrative?

4. Knowing that the readers of Exodus were the generation of Israelites about to enter the Promised Land, how would the words of 2:24-25 have been a comfort to them?

5. How would you summarize God’s words to Moses in chapter 3? What are some of the key ideas God expresses to Moses?

6. In 3:13-22, God said to Moses “I am who I am”. What does this mean?

7. In Exodus 12, what is the significance of God requiring a mark on the door? Why did God strike the firstborn in Egypt?

8. Why was this rescue to become such a critical moment for Israel? Explain.

9. How would you paraphrase Exodus 12?


How does it apply?

1. Why does God choose unlikely people like Moses and work through them?

2. Do you ever feel inadequate to live out your experience of Christ? In what ways?

3. In the midst of our suffering, how aware are you that God is present and hears, remembers, sees and knows?

4. Has it ever felt like God has forgotten you in your life?  Explain. 

5. What attributes of God did you see in the text that will change the way we pray, think, speak or live this week?

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