Life Group Questions for July 2, 2017

John 1:1-18

What does it mean?

1. How would you summarize John 1:1-18?

2. How does John describe the relationship between the "Word" and God?

3. How does John describe the relationship between the "Word" and humanity?

4. Define the 'world' as John is using the term here.  Describe the relationship between the "Word" and the world?

5. Who are the children of God?

6. How would you paraphrase v. 14? Why might this verse be difficult to fathom for the original audience?

7. If the Jews already believed in God, why does John say "he has made him known" (v. 18)

8. What is the big idea of 1:1-18?

How does it apply?

1. How does this passage fit in our series?

2. How does Jesus' coming into the worldfulfill what had been promised?

3. What is the tension in this text? How have other people tried to solve this tension?  How do we solve it?

4. How does this text give us a bigger picture of who God is?

5. What emotions strike you when you read this passage?

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