Discussion Questions for June 11, 2017

Ex. 20:1-21 and Gen 15:1-6.

What does it mean?

1. How would you summarize God’s story thus far?

2. What is Abram struggling to comprehend in 15:1-5?

3. Why is God’s promise difficult for Abram to trust?

4. What does God promise Abram?

5. How will God’s promise to Abram be fulfilled?

6. In what sense will Abram’s descendants be innumerable? 

7. What is the importance of an heir?

8. How does Abram’s perspective change? 

9. How is Abram made righteous? 

10. What is Abram’s “action” in 15:1-6?

11. How would you paraphrase Genesis 15:1-6?

How does it apply?

1. What does this text teach us about God?

2. Where are you tempted to try to earn God’s favor?

3. How do we balance “saved by faith” vs. easy believism?

4. How would our lives look differently if we relied more fully on Jesus’ work and less on ours?

5. How can we celebrate God’s united, unchanging plan of salvation this week?


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