Discussion Questions for July 30, 2017

Romans 3:19-26

What does it mean?

1. Where have we been thus far in the series? 

2. How does being declared righteous by faith fit into the over all scheme of the series?

3. How many people were justified by obeying the law according to Paul in v.20?

4. What does Paul mean by the "righteousness of God" in v.21?

5. What is the relationship, then, between the Law and the Prophets and the righteousness of God?

6. What is propitiation in v.25?  How does it help us?

7. How would you summarize Paul’s point in Romans 3:19-26?

8. What does it tell us about God’s character? 

How does it apply?

1. If we are declared righteous by faith, not by works, how should we view our brothers and sisters in Christ? 

2. In what ways do we minimize our being declared righteous?  

3. How would a fuller understanding of your righteous standing in Christ change the way you live? Relate to others? Feel?   

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