Discussion Questions for August 20, 2017

Acts 7:51-8:8

What does it mean?

1. Where have we been thus far in the series? 

2. How does the theme "trusting in every circumstance" fit into the overall scheme of the series?

3. Read Acts 6:3-8, how does Luke describe Stephen?

4. What does Luke tell us about Stephen’s response to the angry mob in vs.55-60?

5. What is the result of Stephen’s death for the Jerusalem church (in 8:1-2)?

How does it apply?

1. Why is it difficult for us to trust in God's provision during difficult circumstances?

2. In what ways do we functionally deny the truth of Stephen’s story when we meet difficult circumstances or struggle in our Ongoing Spiritual Transformation process? 

3. Trusting God's provision in tough times does not mean the absence of grief – so what does it look like? 

4. How have you grown in your ability to trust in the hard times? 

5. What would help you to keep growing in this area?

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