Discussion Questions for August 27, 2017


Acts 1:8

What does it mean?

1. Where have we been thus far in the series? 

2. How does the theme "too good not to share" fit into the over all scheme of the series?

3. What does the disciples’ question in v. 6 reveal about their expectations? 

4. What power are the disciples supposed to receive? (v. 8)

5. Is there any significance to the locations Jesus lists in v. 8?

6. What's the big idea of Acts 1:1-10?

How does it apply?

1. How do verse 7 and 8 give us a better lens to see the church’s role in the world?  

2. How should the power we receive be an encouragement to witness to the ends of the earth?

3. What practical and concrete steps can I make towards sharing this good news? 

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