Discussion Questions for August 6, 2017

Romans 6:1-23

What does it mean?

1. Talk through the progression of the Twenty 20 series in your own words.

2. Romans six begins with two questions.  What issue is Paul introducing with those questions?

3. In his next question Paul begins to answer the questions from v.1. Why according to Paul can we not 'go on sinning so that grace may abound'?

4. In v.4-11, Paul compares the conversion of a believer to what event in Jesus' life?

5. What does Paul mean by 'obedient from the heart' in v.17?  What other kind of obedience is there?

6. What is the 'fruit' of our old way of life according to v.21-23?

7. What is the fruit of a life that has been bought out of its slavery to sin?

How does it apply?

1. What are some ways your thinking about God and the Christian Life has been adjusted since you came to trust Jesus?  Recently?

2. Does a clearer picture of God, or what He's done for us, change our feelings?  How?  Can you give any examples?

3. How did thinking about Christ lead to love for Christ in your life?  Did it lead to new patterns of decision making?

4. How does that growth continue today?  Where is God shaping you now?  How can you cooperate with God more in that process?

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