Discussion Questions for September 24, 2017

Life Group Discussion Questions:

Philippians 1:12-18

What does it say?

1. What has happened to Paul in v. 12?

2. How has Paul’s imprisonment served to advance the Gospel?

3. Who are the “most of the brothers” in v. 14?  What do they believe about Paul’s imprisonment? 

4. Who are the “some” who are preaching Christ out of rivalry?  What do they believe about Paul’s imprisonment?

5. How is Paul’s imprisonment “for the defense of the Gospel”?

6. How are his rivals hoping to ‘afflict’ Paul in his imprisonment?

7. How would you state the big idea of Philippians 1:12-18? 

How does it apply?

1. How should Paul’s imprisonment be an encouragement to us? What should it encourage us towards? 

2. What typically keeps us from proclaiming the Gospel?

3. How can we have greater trust that God is at work and using our circumstances?

4. How could our difficult circumstance serve to advance the Gospel? 

5. Do you feel God calling you to proclaim the Gospel somewhere specific or to someone in particular?  Let the group pray with you over that opportunity.