Discussion Questions for October 21, 2018

Matthew 22:34-40

Share the Treasure: Trust.  Invest.  Share.

Week Two: Share the Treasure.

Review - Trust

1. What stood out to you last week about trusting God? What was your new or renewed awareness of God’s faithfulness?

Opening Questions:

2. How many relationships are you currently invested in?  From old friends, to casual acquaintances, to neighbors and family?

Why Invest in Relationships?

3. In what ways do you see that God has wired us for relationships?   (Gen.1:26-27; 2:18-24)

4. How does Jesus’ summary of the Old Testament laws (Matt.22:34-40) communicate God’s priority for relationships?

5. How does our relationship with God lead us to ‘Share the Treasure’ with others?  

Which Relationships to invest in?

6. Given the number of our relationships, how do we calibrate how much time, energy, and resource investment we give to each relationship? Are we proactive or reactive in that investment? 

7. How might we be more strategic in determining how we invest in our current relationships?

How to invest in Relationships?

8. How does our experience of God meeting our greatest needs change the way we interact in relationships?

9. How can we show genuine interest in people? How do we know that it’s genuine? What if we don’t have a genuine interest in them? What do we do?

10. How do we balance God’s responsibility and our responsibility in this process?

11. What if my family member/friend/neighbor is unreceptive to talking about faith?  

12. Identify a few people you care for deeply who don’t yet treasure Jesus. Set aside specific time to pray for them and ask God to use you. Choose one relationship where you could make a small investment this week and share it with your group.