Discussion Questions for October 28, 2018

Acts 1:8

Share the Treasure: Trust.  Invest.  Share.

Week Three: Share the Treasure.

Review - Invest in Relationships

• What did you realize upon reflection of your relationships? In what ways have you found the investments you’ve made in the past week challenging and/or rewarding?

Opening Question:

• What do you think when you hear the phrase “Share the Treasure”? How does what you think now differ from what you thought before the series?  

Discussion Questions:

1. What have been ways that the treasure has been shared in our lives? How effective were those means in our lives?

2. How would you articulate the way we share the treasure at RCC?

3. If ‘Sharing the Treasure’ was done right or in the most effective way, what would that look like?

4. How equipped do we feel to share that treasure with others?

5. What benefit is there if we share the treasure with others? What liability is there  if we don’t share?

6. Who in your life was instrumental in helping you find the treasure?

7. Who in your life needs to find Jesus as their treasure, and what prevents you from sharing more boldly with them?

 How can we share our stories?

1. Are you comfortable sharing your story and telling people about the impact Jesus has had on your life? What makes it hard to do this?

2. Instead of sharing your story first, have you ever tried asking others about their story?

3. How can you focus on non-confrontational listening and create a safe place for honest two-way sharing?

4. What kinds of questions help people share their story at a deeper level?

5. How can we help each other in this?