Discussion Questions for November 18, 2018

Mark 3:7-19

What does it mean?

1. How would you summarize Mark thus far? How does that fit with what we saw last week?

2. Immediately following the passage where religious leaders are plotting to destroy Jesus,
he withdraws. Explain the essence of Jesus’ response. Where have we seen this response
from Jesus before in the Gospel of Mark?

3. The crowds are fascinated with Jesus, but not always for the right reasons. In Mark 3, what
seems to be the reason? Do you think Jesus healed everyone? Explain.

4. What is Jesus’ primary mission and how does this compare with the primary desires of
the crowds? How does Jesus respond to the crowds even though their desires are
different from his priorities?

5. Why does Jesus tell the unclean spirits to be silent when they refer to him as the “Son of

6. In v13, what does it mean that Jesus “called to him those whom he desired”?

7. In v14-15, what are the two main reasons Mark gives us for Jesus appointing the apostles?
Are they already equipped to fulfill these roles? Explain.

8. In v16-19, Mark lists the apostles’ names. Why do you think Mark includes this list?

9. How would you paraphrase Mark 3:7-19?

How does it apply?

1. The last couple of weeks, we have focused on fasting, resting, and trusting God. How has
the experience been for you? Do you anticipate more of this in your life moving forward?

2. Like the crowds, are there things we are more fascinated with than the truth of the gospel?

3. Those who trust Jesus and are closest to him are called to spread the good news. How
does it feel knowing we are called to do the same?

4. What would you say those closest to us think our view of Jesus is? What would you like
them to see, and do they differ?

5. In living out the truth of who Jesus really is, how can we encourage and support each