Discussion Questions for November 25, 2018

Mark 3:20-35

What does it mean?

1.    How would you summarize Mark 3:12-19?

2.    If you were to give titles to the three main sections of this passage (v 20-21; 22- 30;
31-35), what would they be?

3.    In our previous text, we see varying views of Jesus from the religious leaders, demons,
and the crowds.  What additional view are we seeing from His own family in v 21?
And from the scribes in v 22?

4.    In your own words, explain the parable of the kingdom and the house. What is Jesus
trying to say about the power He holds versus the power of Satan?  Has Jesus already
alluded to power over Satan anywhere else in Mark?

5.    Whose house is being plundered in v 27? Who is the strong man and when is Jesus
referring to this taking place?

6.    In v 28, who does Jesus say will be forgiven, and for what? Who is included in this group?
Have we seen Jesus reference forgiveness of sins in any section up until this portion of
Mark 3?

7.   In v 29, why does Jesus link the statements about the Holy Spirit to “eternal sin”? What
does he imply that this behavior points to?

8.   How does Jesus distinguish between the crowd “sitting around him” and His family who
were “standing outside?”

9.   How do these three sections fit together?  In your own words, how would you summarize

How does it apply?

1.    In what ways are we vulnerable of making accusations of Jesus ourselves, based on the
way we view Him and the way we live our lives?

2.    If Jesus has the power to plunder Satan, what else does He hold power over?  How do we
see our lives reflect this view?

3.   Think back to that first feeling of being forgiven by Jesus. Do you remember it how it felt? 
Is this feeling something you often draw on?

4.   Thinking of your own family, who on your list would you like to become a part of the true
family of Jesus?  How can you share Jesus with them?

5.   Reflect on both your physical and spiritual family. Thank God for those He has placed in
your life as family and those that can be called your “family” because of their connection
to Jesus.