Discussion Questions for November 4, 2018

Mark 2:18-22

What does the text mean?

1.     How would you summarize where we have been in Mark thus far?

2.     According to v18, why are John’s disciples and the Pharisee’s disciples fasting?

3.     What the essence of the question being asked?

4.     In v18-20, what is helpful about Jesus’ analogy of the bridegroom and the wedding celebration? Who is the bridegroom, and why should they not fast while he is with them?

5.     What are the days that Jesus is referring to in or by “that day”?

6.     How does Jesus use the old and the new in these two examples to explain his purpose? 

7.     How does this narrative connect with the passage immediately before? Does the context of Jesus reclining with tax collectors and sinners change the way you read or interpret his teaching in this passage? 

8.     The reader is starting to get a picture of what it looks like to follow Christ, and it seems to be counter to what everyone expected. What have we seen so far of this “new way” that the disciples of Jesus seem to be following? How is it different than the “old way”? 

9.     In the ESV translation, the header for these 5 verses reads “A Question About Fasting” - Are they really asking about just fasting in this passage?  If we you were to title this section, what would you call it a question about?

10.  How would you paraphrase the big idea of Mark 2:18-22?

How does the text apply?

1.     We are awaiting the return of the bridegroom. How should we be waiting for him? Are we to be fasting? What could that look like today?

2.     Consider fasting every Wednesday until Thanksgiving. It could be a fast from: television, phone, social networking, shopping, amusement or beverages.  What would that look like for you?

3.     How can we, as a Life Group, help ensure that our motivations for the things we do together are always pointing us to God?