Discussion Questions for December 9, 2018

Mark 4:21-25

What does it mean?

1.  How would you summarize the big idea of Mark 4:1-20?

2.  What major theme is similar in this parable of the lamp to that of last week's parable of
the sower?

3.  Who is the “them” that Mark refers to in verse 21? To what does the “lamp” refer to in
verse 21?

4.  In last week’s text, verses 11 and 12 show of the secret of the kingdom being revealed as
well as hidden to some. What is now being referenced in verse 22 with "nothing is hidden"?

5.  In verses 23 and 24, we see the repeated use of the word “hear”.  What does Mark want to
communicate through the repetition?

6.  In verse 24, "pay attention to what you hear" is the focus intended to be more on the
content of what we hear or the response to what we hear?

7.  In verse 24, who is the measurer and what is being measured?

8.  Is the "more will be added to you" something we see now or something we experience

9.  What does verse 25 mean when it says “even what he has will be taken away from him”?

10. How would you paraphrase the big idea of Mark 4:21-25?

How does it apply?

1.  How would your life be different if there was no light - if you lived completely in darkness?

2.  How do we know if we are shining (or hiding) Jesus’ light? 

3.  Can you point to someone who was an example of the light of Jesus shining that
encouraged a greater pursuit of Jesus in you?

4.  As a group, how do we encourage each other as we determine what our lights look like?