Discussion Questions for March 4, 2018



1. What is David asking for in this Psalm? What is his request?

2. What is the significance that David attributes three different names to God?

3. What does it mean when he says, “I have no good apart from you”?

4. Who are the "saints” and what does it mean that “they are in the land”?

5. In whom did David find great delight?  How does that relate to His greatest good being found in God?

6. What did David consider as the portion of his inheritance? Is this referring to something physical or spiritual?

7. What does David mean by “Lord gives me counsel” and “my heart instructs me”?

8. What did David mean by “you will not abandon my soul to Sheol” and “you will not let your holy one see corruption”?

9. What will be found in God's presence and at His right hand? Explain.

10. How would you paraphrase the big idea of this psalm?


1. Where are the areas of life people tend to look for comfort and happiness?

2. When we find ourselves faced with challenges and unable to affirm that that there is no good apart from God, what could we do and how could we move towards restoring that connection or believing that more?

3. What difference does it make to be in community with others who treasure Christ above all else?

4. When we find ourselves enjoying our connection with God and are desperate for more, how do we move in that direction? Grow in that connection?

5. How could we, this week, tangibly, invest in someone we know who is hurting?

6. What would be expressions of someone who is clinging to Ps 16:11 and enjoying their connection with God to the absolute fullest?