Discussion Questions for March 11, 2018



1. How would you define ‘blessed’?

2. In Psalm 32:1-2, how many different words does David use for sin? Why does he use these words? What would it mean to be the person “in whose spirit is no deceit”?

3. How does David describe sin’s effect in his life?

4. How many different ways does David describe confession?  In v. 5, is David implying that he could have covered “iniquity”?

5. How does God respond to David’s confession?  How does David respond to God’s forgiveness?

6. What do the “mighty waters” refer to?  Who are the “they” in v.6?  And, who is the “him”?

7. To whom is David sharing this discovery?  What does it mean to be surrounded with shouts of deliverance?

8. How many words does David choose for Instruction?  What is the significance of the pattern of the 3 verbs “instruct, teach and counsel” in v.8?

9. What is the lesson David is describing in v.9?

10. Who are “the wicked” in v.10?

11. What would lead David to direct people to be glad, rejoice and shout for joy? Where is he believing that would come from?

12. How would you paraphrase Psalm 32?


1. When you think about God’s offer of forgiveness?  What thoughts, what emotions, what responses come to mind? 

2. Has there been a time in your life when you felt the depth of your sin against God and knew you needed God’s forgiveness?  Describe what that time in your life was like?

3. With where you find yourself in life, do you need a renewed commitment of confession to God in your life? Is sin keeping you from experiencing the rejoicing, the gladness and the shouts of joy?

4. What would it look like to cultivate more honesty with yourself and with God about your sin (live with no deceit) and simultaneously cultivate an awareness (an understanding) of God’s love and forgiveness for you through Christ? 

5. How do you praise God for his mercy and restoration both in your conversations and in your ongoing spiritual transformation?

6. How can we be those ‘shouts of deliverance’ for others, pointing to God’s forgiveness?