Discussion Questions for April 15, 2018


What is something that you care about or want more of, more than anything else, this year? What does waiting for that thing look like?


1. Try organizing the Psalm into different sections. How many would you use?  What are they?

2. What does David offer as the solution to fear? Why does David offer it in the form of a question?

3. David uses word pictures of God as light, salvation and a fortress. What do you think David means when he uses those terms?

4. In v2-3, why would David not fear even if an army were encamped around him?

5. In v4, what was the one thing David asked for? Why did David desire this?

6. According to v5-6, what difficulties was David experiencing in these verses? How would David respond to victory over his enemies?

7. What shift in the text occurs in v7?  How would you summarize David’s prayer?

8. In v9, what is David asking in regards to God’s anger?

9. In v11, what is David asking God to teach him?  Explain.

10. In v13, what does the “land of the living” refer to?

11. In v14, what does it mean to “wait for the Lord”?

12. How would you paraphrase Psalm 27 in your words?


1. In v4, David encourage us to stay close to God knowing that there is nothing more important than being close to God; how do you articulate the pursuit of God’s presence in your life?

2. Are there situations that have driven you to God for refuge? What words would you use to describe your sense of His presence at these times?

3. Can you sympathize with David’s prayer in this passage (v.7-12)? Have you ever felt like God has abandoned you and isn’t answering your prayers? How did you respond?

4. How are you able to maintain trust in God during those times when He appears to be silent?

5. How do you wait for God in times when you want immediate answers for a pressing circumstance?  Explain.

6. How has God’s faithfulness helped you wait for God?  How would you counsel someone else as they wait on God?

7. This week, what will you do to seek God’s presence? What are you expecting to happen?

8. With whom can you share the message of Psalm 27 this week that has yet to treasure Christ?