Discussion Questions for April 22, 2018



1. How would you summarize the big idea v1-2?

     1a. How does this big idea relate to the rest of the text?

     1b. What is the essence of what David is asking for?

2. How would you summarize the big idea in v3-6?

     2a. Is there a difference between David’s use of the word “transgression” and “sin”?

     2b. What do you take from David’s perspective of directing his sin only against God?

     2c. How does David explain that his sinful acts are but symptoms of a deeper problem?

3. How would you summarize the big idea in v7-12?

     3a. In v8, what does it mean that “the bones that you have broken rejoice”?

     3b. According to v10, where does the work of cleansing begin? Is this significant? Explain.

     3c. In v11, what does it mean to ask, “take not your Holy Spirit from me”?

     3d. In v12, what does it mean to ask, “uphold me with a willing spirit”?

4. How would you summarize the big idea in v13-17?

     4a. According to David, what produces his desire to share about God?

     4b. What does David mean by “a broken and contrite heart”? 

5. How would you summarize the big idea in v18-19?

     5a. First David says that God does not delight in sacrifices in v16 and then he says that God does delight in sacrifices (51:19). Explain.

     5b. Explain the shift of David from personal in v1-17 to corporate in v18-19?

Apply the Text

1. When do you remember having the experience David describes when you were grieved and overwhelmed by recognizing your sin against God?

2. Is it appropriate to return to that place? Explain. How often?

3. What is the correlation between recognizing our brokenness before God and our desire to share about him with others the way David describes in v13-15?

4. What are the characteristics of the person who lives with the brokenness and contrite heart that is described in the Psalms? How can we become more of that person?

5. Who did you share last weeks big idea with and who CAN you share this weeks big idea with?