Discussion Questions for May 13, 2018

Psalm 121

Discuss the Text

1. How would you articulate the big idea of vs.1-2?

1a. What is the Psalmist referring to when referencing hills?

1b. Where does the Psalmists help come from? What does this mean?

1c. Why is God’s creation of heaven and earth coupled with the author’s confidence that God will help him?

1d. Application: How does your life reflect that God is your help? In what way can you lift your eyes this week?

2. How would you articulate the big idea of vs. 3-4?

2a. Why does the author change the audience from himself to others for the rest of the Psalm?

2b. What does it mean that God will “not let your feet be moved?”

2c. In what ways did God “keep Israel” in the Old Testament? How does the corporate aspect of protection and care connect to or flow from the individual protection and care for the Psalmist?

2d. What does v3 mean, that God will not “slumber nor sleep”?

2e. Application: Picture for a moment that God is always loving and helping you, without ever taking a break or sleeping. How does that make you feel?

3. How would you articulate the big idea of vs. 5-6?

3a. How is the Lord our keeper?

3b. What’s the significance of the phrase “right hand”?

3c. In what sense will the sun not “strike you by day” nor the “moon by night”?

3d. Application: What is causing you to doubt that God is your keeper?

4. How would you articulate the big idea of vs. 7-8?

4a. In what sense will the Lord “keep you from all evil”?

4b. What is another synonym for “keep” in this Psalm?

4c.  In v8, what does that time refer too?

4d. Application: Do you feel God is protecting you from evil?

Apply the Text:

1.  If in every moment we as the people of God believed fully that God is our help, what would our lives be characterized by?

2. What do we do if we don’t feel like God is working to protect us?

3. In what life circumstances right now are you struggling to trust that God is your help? Do you believe God is still your help with you suffer?