Discussion Questions for May 6, 2018

Psalm 90

Discuss the Text

1. How would you summarize the big idea v1-11?

1a. What metaphor for God does Moses use in v1 and why is that significant?

1b. What characteristic is Moses using in v2 to describe God?  What significance is Moses drawing out by stating that God has no beginning and no end?

1c. As expressed in the Psalm, what is the biggest difference between God and people?  To Moses, what does this difference reveal?
1d. What word pictures does Moses use in v3-6 that emphasize the brevity and hardness of life?

1e. According to v7-11, besides the brevity of life, what is another problem that affects the quality of life?

1f. Who does the “we” and “your” and “our” refer to in these verses?

1g. Why is this group of people experiencing God’s wrath? Who is responsible for that wrath being poured out?

1h. According to v7-10, what is God directing his anger towards? Do you think this reaction is justified?

2. How would you summarize the big idea in v12-17?

2a. To whom does Moses turn to in making sense of the human experience?  Explain.

2b. In v12, what does Moses mean “teach us to number our days”?

2c. What is the correlation between “number our days” and gaining “a heart of wisdom”?

2d. What is Moses asking in v13 in saying “have pity on your servants”?

2e. What is Moses describing in v14-15?  

2f. According to v16, what is the work that Moses is asking God to show?

2g. In v17, what does it mean to “establish the work of our hands”?  How does that correlate to v16?

Apply the Text:

In addition to the application woven throughout the discussion, here are a few more pointed questions.

1. How often do you think about the temporal reality of life? What kind of circumstances in life cause you to think more about this reality?  What impact does thinking about this reality have on your decisions or values or priorities?

2. Discuss how much you agree or disagree with this statement: You don’t really know how to live until you really know you’re going to die.

3. Why are our days and our time so important and not to be wasted?

4. After experiencing the exercise on Sunday, how many days did you have remaining?  What did that do in your heart?  Does it change the way you plan to live them? Going forward, what will be your priorities?