Discussion Questions for June 3, 2018

Psalm 143

Discuss the Text

1. How would you summarize the big idea v1-2?

1a. What is he doing in v 1?

1b. What does faithfulness and righteousness have to do with the prayer?

1c. How does he view himself in relationship to God?  Why connect that idea to his plea for mercy?

1d. application: if people are angry in there day to day, what is implied about their theology?

2. How would you summarize the big idea v3-6?

2a. How did David describe his circumstances in v3?  Who are those enemies?  And in what way are they enemies of his soul?

2b. What does David mean in v4 by saying “my heart within me is appalled”?

2c.  What are the days of old referring to?

2d.  According to v 5, what is David pondering and meditating on?  What is it about God’s character that makes David confident that God respond?

2e.  Reflecting back to the idea of Psalm 145, how does v5-6 relate to what David feels even after mediating on the works of God? Explain.

2f. application: Is there any confidence in David’s prayer thus far?  How confident are you that God will answer your cries for help? How could you become more confident?

3. How would you summarize the big idea v7-10?

3a.  What does answer me quickly oh lord mean?

3b.  How would you describe his experience?  What would you base that on?

3c.  What does “hide not your face” and “let me hear your steadfast love” mean? 

3d. What does “the pit” in v7 refer to?

3e.  What are the two ideas that David is going back and forth between in 7-10?

3f. application: What’s our danger of going too far towards hope or too far towards desperation specifically in reference to this text and the words David is using?  What would going too far to either of those extremes look like?

3g.  What does “for in you I trust” mean, though it appears he’s wrestling with trusting?

3h.  What does David mean by, “make known to me the path I should go?

3i.  application: Is there a difference between desperately crying out to God with your troubles and sharing those troubles with others? Explain.

Apply the Text:

1. Have you ever been in this place?  When was it and how did you get out?

2. What are some truths you have come to know about God more deeply because of the challenging circumstances you were confronted with?

3. Can someone learn these same things, without going through challenging circumstances themselves?  Explain.

4. Who have you known that modeled a confident trust in God after experiencing a desperation for God in the midst of their challenging circumstances?