Discussion Questions for June 10, 2018

Psalm 150

Discuss the Text

1. How would you summarize Psalm 150?

2. What does “sanctuary” refer to?  What does “mighty heavens” refer to? What do those two locations have in common?

3. application: What seems to be the Psalmists intent for his readers to feel in v1?

4. What is the Psalmist trying to communicate in v2 as it relates to celebrating God?

5. Why does the psalmist not develop the mighty deeds that he mentions?

6. application: How do we or have how you experienced God’s goodness and excellence?

7. How would you paraphrase v3-5? What single word comes to mind to capture that idea?

8. What the does the multiplicity of instruments mentioned tell us about worshipping God?

9. Why is the author adamant about God’s praise being loud and resounding?

10. Why does the psalmist not develop the idea of praising God in stillness and quietness?

11. In v6, what does “everything with breath” refer to? What is the scope of that idea in the Psalmist mind?

12. How would you connect Psalm 1 and Psalm 150 as bookends of the Pslams?

Apply the Text:

1. When was a time in your life that you experienced what the Psalmist is describing, in terms of uninhibited praise of God?

2. As you go throughout your days, is there anything you do that helps you experience this expression of praise more? Explain.