Discussion Questions for September 16, 2018

Mark 1:14-34

What does it mean?

1. Review 1:1-13. What was Mark’s big idea last week?

2. Mark transitions from Jesus’ temptation to Jesus’ ministry with the event of John the Baptist’s arrest. How is this event significant?

3. In vs. 14 and 15, the word ‘gospel’ or good news appears twice. How does this emphasis fit with Mark’s opening line in 1:1?

4. How would you put in your own words the ‘gospel of God’ that Jesus is preaching?

5. What do we know from vs. 16-20 about these first disciples? Who is Simon? (See also 3:16) What does Jesus mean by the term ‘fishers of men’?

6. What were the two characteristics of Jesus’ ministry that Mark records as leading to His fame throughout Galilee?

7. What happened at Simon (Peter’s) house?

8. At the end of this section, Mark concludes with Jesus not allowing the demons to speak ‘because they knew him’. What conclusions can we make about what the demons knew (also use 1:24) and why Jesus silenced them?

9. How would you summarize the text this week?

How does it apply?

1. Talk about good news. What is the best news you’ve ever received (other than Jesus)? From whom did you receive it? How did you feel? How did you react? Compare and contrast that with your response to good news about Jesus.

2. Jesus chose to train and work through disciples. What does that tell us about Jesus’ ministry 2000 years ago and his Church today?

3. Who are the disciples of Jesus today? What is their role? How would you describe that role to someone unfamiliar with Christianity?

4. What does Jesus’ authority over demons and His power to heal mean for us? They are not in our typical experience, so why should they matter to us?

5. How do we help one another avoid the demon’s trap of having right knowledge that does not save?