Discussion Questions for September 23, 2018

Mark 1:35-45

What does it mean?

1.     How would you summarize Mark 1:1-13? Mark 1:14-34?

2.     In v35, how does Mark transition us to his next idea? Now that we have a change of scene, where does Jesus go?  Why do you think Jesus needed to pray?

3.     In v36, what do you think the disciples implied that Jesus should do? What does it appear they were focusing on?


4.     In v35-39, what seems surprising about Jesus’ reaction to his new popularity? What do we see to be Jesus’ priorities?


5.     In v40, what might a reader expect to come next, after Jesus declares that he came to preach? How does Jesus combine spiritual healing with all other forms of healing?


6.     In v.43, why does Mark tell the readers that Jesus warned the leper “sternly”?  Why did he not want the leper to speak of the miracle?

7.     In v.44, why do you think Jesus told the leper to fulfill the requirements of the Law by going to the priest to prove his complete healing?


8.     In v.45, why do you think the leper did not do as Jesus asked?


9.     How was Jesus’ mission compromised? Explain.


10.  How would you paraphrase the big idea of Mark 1:35-45?


How does it apply?

1.     What are your biggest needs? List your top five needs.


2.     Do you believe that our spiritual need is the biggest need we have?  Explain.


3.     Does this discount our physical, emotional, or social needs? Explain.


4.     Think of a defining story where you experienced Jesus meeting your spiritual need? Have you ever experienced Jesus meeting any of your other needs? Explain.


5.     How could you care for someone’s physical, emotional, or social needs this week as a reflection of your following Jesus’ example?