Discussion Questions for September 30, 2018

Mark 2:1-12

What does it mean?

1.     In Mark 1, what does Jesus say his main focus is for why he is in the towns?  What seemed to happen in his ministry that prevented this from happening at times?

2.     Why and how is Jesus’ preaching interrupted? How does he react to this interruption?

3.     Why did they go to such great effort for Jesus to see this paralytic?

4.     How do you think the friends and the paralytic feels when Jesus announces: “Son, your sins are forgiven?” How about when Jesus heals him?

5.     Why do you think Jesus only said to the one man that his sins were forgiven instead of to all five?

6.     In your own words, what are the scribes thinking? What is the point of the question Jesus asks in reply?

7.     What does Jesus expect to prove to the scribes by healing the paralyzed man?

8.     How does the paralytic express his faith? How do the people react to his healing?

9.     In the previous passage, Jesus charged the leper to say nothing to anyone.  What is different with the healing of the paralytic?  Why?

10. How would you paraphrase the big idea in your own words?

How does it apply?

1.     To sum up briefly, what have you discovered about Jesus from this story? What impressed you the most, or what did you see for the first time?

2.     How much time do we spend thinking about our physical needs compared to our need for a supernatural work of God to be done in our hearts?

3.     Was there a time when the realization of being forgiven was so incredible that the other needs that were previously important, became less concerning?

4.     How do we help increase this realization of “forgiveness being everything” in our
day-to-day life?