Pre-Life Group Study Questions for January 20, 2019

Mark 6:1-6a

What does it mean?

1.    How would you summarize the major ideas thus far in Mark?

2.    How does Mark transition out of Chapter 5? Why does he choose to follow Jesus’
miracles and power with his rejection in his hometown?

3.    What are some of the big miracles Jesus has displayed leading up to Chapter 6?

4.    What is the ultimate question the people are asking when they ask all their questions in
vs. 2-3? What is the significance of them mentioning that he is “the son of Mary”?

5.    What is keeping them from seeing Jesus for who he is?

6.    What does Jesus mean by his response in v. 4?

7.    What does it mean that “he could do no mighty work there”? Why doesn’t he try to prove
to them who he is?

8.    Why do you think those closest to Jesus reject him?

9.    How would you paraphrase Mark’s big idea of 6:1-6?

How does it apply?

1.    Are there times we find ourselves so familiar with Jesus that we lose the awe and wonder
of who he is?

2.   When was the first time, or most recent time, you felt overwhelmed by the magnitude of
who Jesus is?

3.   Is there someone your life that you desire to be overwhelmed with who Jesus is? Explain.

4.   How can we keep those around us from missing the identity of the real person of Christ?

5.   How can we reconcile the fact that we don’t see Jesus “attempting” to win over those
closest to him?