Pre-Life Group Study Questions for January 27, 2019

Mark 6:6b-13

What does it mean?

1.    What are the big ideas that we have seen in Mark (Chapters 1-6) thus far?

2.    Why does Mark follow Jesus’ rejection with his sending out of the twelve?

3.    Why do you think Jesus sends the disciples out two by two?

4.    When Mark tells us that Jesus gives authority to the disciples, what exactly is that
authority he is giving them?

5.    What is the significance of Jesus giving the disciples such specific instructions for
their journey in vv. 8-9?  How do you think the disciples felt about taking
nothing with them?

6.    In v. 10 when Jesus says, “Whenever you enter a house, stay there until you depart.”
What does he mean by this?

7.    Jesus seems to be implying that the disciples will experience rejection.  How does
he instruct them to respond to rejection in v. 11?  Does this instruction surprise
you?  Explain. 

8.    In vv. 12-13 describe what the ministry of the disciples looked like.  Is their
ministry the same as Jesus’?

9.    Is Mark intending his readers to think they are or will be given the same authority
as the apostles?  Explain. 

10. Does the ministry Jesus called the disciples to in this passage mirror what he
taught about in the parables in Chapter 4?

11. How would you paraphrase Mark's big idea in 6:6b-13?

 How does it apply?

1.    How would you apply the disciple’s mission to your sphere of influence?

2.    Are we required to leave our homes and preach on the road? Why or why not?  
Are we to go with no resources and not prepare for potential needs? Explain.

3.    In light of that, have you ever felt Jesus inviting you to “take nothing for your
journey” (v. 8)? Explain.

4.    What is it about our food, money, and possessions that can weigh us down?

5.    How can we determine whether or not someone has or has not received us and
whether we should shake the dust off our feet?  What might that look like?

6.    More than anything, Mark has made it obvious that this gospel is totally different
from what everyone expected - and to follow Jesus, it will cost you and the
journey will be difficult. What encourages us personally to move forward in our
journey with Christ? How can we call and encourage others into this journey
with us?