Pre-Life Group Study Questions for February 3, 2019

Mark 6:14-29

What does it mean?

1.   How would you summarize Mark 6:1-13?

2.    Why does Mark choose to sandwich the story of John the Baptist’s death in between the
sending out of the disciples and their return in vv. 30-32?

3.    What is the “it” Herod hears of in v. 14?  The works of Jesus?  The disciples?  
Something else?

4.    What kind of person is Herod, judging by this passage?  Compare Herod to John.

5.    Do we know if Herod was opposed to the works of John?

6.    How had John incurred Herod’s wrath and was imprisoned?

7.    Why does Herod fear John in v. 20?  Where else have we seen fear in Mark’s gospel?

8.    Herod kills John the Baptist as he is being pressured by the people opposing him.  How
does this compare to the way Jesus would also be killed (see Mark 15:1-15)?

9.    How would you paraphrase Mark’s big idea in 6:14-29?

 How does it apply?

1.     What are some of the issues you find it challenging to take a stand for?

2.     Are there any issues that you could stand for with unwavering certainty regardless of

3.     What are some of the ways we could help equip and support one another in the face of
difficult opposition to living a life worthy of the gospel in today’s world?

4.     Who in your life have you known that you would say was strong in living the integrity
of the gospel that you’d like to be more like?

5.    Who in your life could you help by taking a more deliberate approach with regard to
something they are struggling with?