Discussion Questions for January 13, 2019

Mark 5:21-43

What does it mean?

1.    Give a summary of Jesus’ teaching about the Kingdom of God in Mark 4:1-34. 

2.    What do the stories from Mark 4:35-5:20 have in common with v21-43?

3.    In the previous passage, we see Jesus demonstrate His power over the storm and over demons. 
What is He showing power over in the healing of the woman and also of the child?

4.    What is the impression Jairus the ruler has of Jesus in v22-23 when he first learns of Jesus
coming?  What is the significance that he is a religious leader?

5.    What is the impression the woman bleeding for 12 years has of Jesus in v27-28?  Is it the
same as the ruler’s?  What is the significance of all that the woman has done prior to seeking
out Jesus?

6.    Why does Jesus ask “Who touched my garments?” in v30?  Does He really not know who touched

7.    Is the disciples’ response to Jesus in v31 indicative of the way they view the authority of Jesus? 
Does He still not know who touched Him in v32?

8.   What is the source of the woman’s fear as Jesus turns to her?

9.   Why doesn’t Mark include the response of the ruler of the synagogue when he finds out his
daughter is dead?  Why do the witnesses at the house laugh at Jesus in v40?

10. Despite Jesus’ healings and miracles becoming more public, He still charges those who
witnessed His raising of the little girl to tell no one about it.  Why is this?

11. How would you summarize these previous four demonstrations of Jesus’ power from 4:35-5:43?

How does it apply?

1.   What would it look like for you to go to Jesus in faith rather than going to him in fear?  

2.   What emotions, if any, are stirred up in you as you read of people in difficult circumstances?  
As you look back, which of the people in these stories do you identify the most with?

3.   What is your reaction to a total reliance on God?  How do you feel about the tension between
God’s protection and what we can personally do in the midst of tough times?  Has your view of
the balance of the two changed over time?