Life Group Questions for October 20, 2019

Mark 13:24-37

1.    Mark 13:24-27 is about Jesus’ 2nd Coming.  What important idea(s) are being communicated
about that most significant event in these verses?

2.    What is the “lesson of the fig tree” that Jesus wants His disciples to learn?

3.    In 13:32-37, Jesus tells us He doesn’t know the day or hour He is going to return.  How does it
relate to the rest of Jesus’ teaching in chapter 13?

4. This is the longest block of Jesus’ teaching recorded by Mark on any one topic.  It is
    also the final teaching from Jesus in Mark’s gospel.  Why do you think Mark chose
    this topic to highlight?

5. How is it possible that Jesus knows so many of the events surrounding His return,
    but does not know the exact day or hour? 

6. By sharing so much about His 2nd Coming, is Jesus hoping we will invest a lot of
    time and energy figuring out exactly when He will return?  Explain.

7. Has Mark 13 brought any change to your feelings or understanding about the end
    times?  If so, what or how?        

8. What does it look like for us to “stay awake” with regard to the end times?  How do
    we help each other “stay awake”?